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You have to mask the lower eyelid before application so that it does not adhere to the extensions on

the upper eyelid and the eye gets stuck shut (further information on this given in the chapter “…”).

Some hairs can still pop out of the masked eyelashes and stick to an eyelash from the upper eyelid.

The client cannot open her eyes in this case without pulling at both the eyelashes.

It is not the end of the world. Even here do not lose composure, be calm. First have a close look at the

damage, preferably sideways. If it is just a baby eyelash that has got stuck with a hair from the upper

eyelid you can go ahead and just snip it off. This, however, calls for great caution and concentration;

you certainly do not want to poke the client in her eyes in the process.

If there are multiple eyelashes involved then you have to separate them carefully with micro-brushes

and remover. It involves the same procedure used for removing an extension that is stuck on the eyelid.

Dip the micro-brush in a bit of remover and dab it carefully on the spot where the eyelashes have got

stuck until they separate from each other in time. This can take 1-3 minutes if the glue is fresh. Here

we again have the problem of the remover in all likelihood coming into contact with the extension

glue. This would reduce the life of the application. You have no choice but to remove the affected

eyelash and apply it again (refer to the chapter on “Removing individual extensions”).