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There are many reasons for removing eyelash extensions:

1. Incorrect application or placement of extensions,

2. Uncomfortable positioning or allergic reaction,

3. If the extension tilts sideways in the course of being worn because of the growth of natural


4. If the client wants an entirely new set of extensions

5. Or if the extensions were meant for a special occasion.

This is how entire sets are removed:

1. You are advised to keep the client’s head raised to avoid the risk of liquids entering her eyes.

Beware remover liquid entering the eyes causes a hellishly burning sensation!

2. Put a small drop of remover on the jade stone or glass tray and just take a little of it on the

micro-brush to avoid dripping. Excess remover can be dabbed on a tissue.

3. Stroke it carefully on the eyelashes to be removed till almost the eyelid, however, without touching the eyelid.

4. Leave the remover to take effect for 3-5 minutes.

5. Take two foam brushes or 2 micro-brushes and gently

stroke one after the other along the extensions using

the sandwich method. Place one brush on the top of

the extension and the other beneath it such that the

extensions to be removed are placed between the tips

of the brushes. This enables you to carefully brush

them away from the eyelid and in doing so to remove

them gently.

6. Repeat this stroking motion until the eyelashes come

off easily. If required, you need to add some more

remover and wait a little if you feel the eyelashes will

not come off easily.

7. While doing this, you have to be very careful that the drops of remover do not come in contact

with the mucous membrane or run into the eyes as this would cause a very painful burning


8. After removal, clean the affected eyelashes with clean water if you again want to apply for a new extension on the same eyelashes. Before putting a new extension on the same spot the eyelashes have to be completely dry, cleansed, and grease-free. Then apply primer again before

starting with the application.

This is how individual extensions are removed:

Hold the extension to be removed by its end with the tweezers

and flip it up against the upper eyelid where it should rest. This

will prevent the remover from coming into contact with the

neighboring eyelashes. Now you can apply some brushstrokes

of remover with the micro-brush. When you notice that they are

coming off you can strip it off in the direction of the eyebrows,

clean it with a cotton pad and water, apply primer and then stick


Caution: The remover should at no cost come into contact with the eyes or skin.

Rinse with water or saline solution in the event of accidental contact with the eyes or skin, if necessary

contact a doctor.

Can a client remove extensions herself?

As an exception: YES. It is better to get that done by

a stylist. There are, however, extraordinary circumstances

when the client has to help herself; if for instance she is

unable to come to the studio or is traveling.

It is however important for you to demonstrate in detail how

it is done in front of a mirror. Give her a small bottle of