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-The more you know about your client, the more you can reduce



possible risks. Ask questions about their past lash extension



experiences and her current health conditions.



-Always prevent contact of the adhesive with eyes or skin



-Making a patch test is always a good idea to see if the client



is allergic to the glue



-Adhesives may give off fumes, please apply lashes using this 



product in a well-ventilated room 



-The client’s eyes must be kept closed throughout the lash






-Use a mask and/or other protective gear to avoid exposure to






-Keep out of reach of children and pets



Before use



-Work in well-ventilated premises with optimum temperature



and humidity environment



-Best conditions: temperature 70-72℉ and RH 50-70%.



-Clean and prepare the lashes using the primers or cleansers



-Shake the bottle well for 30-60 seconds before use



-If stored in the refrigerator let the glue warm up to room 



temperature for about 1hour






-Apply patches and / or tape the lower lid



-Make sure the client’s eyes are tightly shut throughout the 



extension session 



-Adjust lashing speed to match the glue drying time



-For 1-2sec. glues separate first, then dip, approach, press, 



Hold and Release



-Apply extensions to natural lashes no closer than 0.5-1mm



from the lid, never allow any contact with skin



-Use adequate amount of glue, not letting it pool on the eyelid



-An even layer with a tiny blob at the extension tip after dipping



and pulling it out should be enough



-Make a new drop in 20-30 min as practicable 



-Shake the bottle a little between drops



-Don’t leave the bottle with the tip open



-Use the pin as a stopper while lashing and to unclog the bottle



After use



-Blow lashes for 5-10min or use a mister as practicable



-When finished, wipe the tip with a lint-free cloth, screw it tightly,



put it in the pouch and seal the zip, put it in a cool place.



-Once opened, avoid storing bottles in the refrigerator 






-Store unused products in a cool dark place away from heat



and sunlight



-It is a good idea to keep unopened glues in a refrigerator(not






-Sealed pouches can be stored for up to 6 months under normal 



conditions of storage



-Once opened, it’s best to use the bottle within 1 month, but not later



than within 2 months under ideal storing conditions



Retention Killers Checklist



-Lashing speed not matching glue drying time



-Humidity and temperature out of the specified range



-Presence of chemicals/moisture in the air from other beauty






-Other local humidity factors



-Not letting the glue stay to warm up to room temperature, if 



store in the fridge



-Not shaking the bottle before use and a little between drops



-Too little/too much adhesive used 



-Wiping excessive adhesive



-Adding applications of the same extension



-Several applications of the same extension



-Incorrect extension placement angle



-Incorrect lash-extension alignment



-Inadequate natural lash preparation(dirty/oily lashes)



-Clients with oily skin or super active oil glands



-Clients using oil/waterproof mascara or skincare products



-Clients subjecting extensions to moisture within 24hours



Professional glue is not for self-application, it will cause severe reactions, eye irritation or burning. Never use this adhesive for cluster or strip lash.