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The life of lash extensions depends on many factors. Your client needs to be informed about the following aspects without fail and they have to be discussed in detail with her:
• Natural eyelashes have a maximum life of 90 days from beginning of growth to falling out. Since an extension is placed on a natural eyelash that has already reached its peak maturity one can ideally say that the maximum life is of 8 weeks.

• The quality of glue plays an important role here. Each glue type has different characteristics. Our Lashes glues are tested and found exemplary. They ensure that extensions last for approx. 4-8 weeks.

• The decisive factor is naturally the gluing technique. The extensions last for an optimal period if they are stuck all along the entire shaft of the natural eyelashes. They last much less if the area of contact between the false and natural eyelash is small.

• Regular use of sealer (2-3 times a week) increases the life of the extensions.

• The extensions should not come in contact with water for 12 hours after application. Avoid steam for about 2 days.

• The skin type and hormonal disposition could be the reasons behind heavy hair fall and loss of eyelashes, shortening the life of the extension.

• Clients, who are sensitive and prone to allergic reactions, frequently touch their eyes or rub them also cannot expect their extensions to last out for the full duration.

• Habits and life styles/work, like burying ones' face into pillows at night or professions involving exposure to heat and steam can impair the longevity of extensions.
• Please do not use an eyelash curler!

• Use oil-free and alcohol-free pads to remove eye makeup

• Avoid exposing your face and neck region to the heat from high pressure tanning beds